Monday, March 26, 2018

Frugal living in a unfrugal world

I believe we are to live frugal lives, not cheap.. but a life of luxury with our  bills paid and on time. We shouldn't have to use credit except for homes and big items but these should be paid monthly and on time. We can run ourselves into debt easily but there is a way to have it all and this is by living frugally. You really can have new cars, gorgeous clothes, jewelry etc.. just learning to take the reins of your finances and not vs/vs. You can pay 2000.00 for a ring or maybe 300 by knowing a jeweler who will set a diamond for you. Using deal sites, waiting... and just learning things in life. Example I have made my own "DRY INGREDIENT Laundry soap for years that costs me 13.00 a YEAR! I dump four ingredients together (recipe on my blog vs paying for laundry soap in the store. I am very practical I am not boiling soap  and working hard to have laundry soap. I  just dump 4 products together. I make my own hummingbird feed, and do lots of things to keep me in the green.  I used to spend, spend, spend in my younger years I had great jobs paying big bucks and so I know what that life is about. I had a nice investment portfolio, etc.. It's not always a bad thing to be in this position.  I was able to help a lot of people with my excess.  So I believe there are people out there who do help others in that way for a season or longer or even a lifetime. If that is your spot in life this isn't the post for you.. Just keep making those big bucks and help your family, etc..!  but life changes and I found you can still have it all you just have to work things differently. I take my skills that I have learned through life and use them now to benefit myself and others. I have a strong marketing background as a top seller, recruiter, etc.. so I use this to help others. I let my husband train me how to farm so I can grow my own trees, vegetables, eggs, etc..  I happily take bags of clothes, make up, furniture. from family and cook in bulk. All things I actually love and it is tender to me as I had given a lot in the past and felt at time "used" by those who only "wanted" from me so I love getting things "used" from people that give to me because they love me! - Many who I have blessed in the past.. but I truly expect NOTHING from them as you should NEVER EVER give expecting to get back from those you help.  When I was working hard I did the same for my family as we all help each other. I have given new bedroom sets, bought a brand new washing machine etc.. Let people use my brand new car for months. Even quit my good job to work at my church for 3 years leaving there with the birth of my son, with the pay I left the other job with.. which was great as God is my source and not money.. so I didn't lack anything as the money is just a tool. Things turn around and everyone helps each other in different ways through the years. Money as a Christian is just a tool. Have had a lot, had none and everything in between. Now I am at the frugal place where I watch every penny but lack nothing. I don't believe we are to live lives of begging! In fact I really don't like to give to people that always beg for stuff from me. I think why don't you get a job? Or do something? When I show them how to do it they say .. oh, that's too much work! After being in church work you see a lot of things.. The same people asking for a turkey pledge to give a turkey? Or people who plain just want everyone else to foot the bill. Now there are MANY MANY people for emotional, physical or other reasons honestly do need the help and truly are unable to help themselves. I don't judge who needs I pray in fact do you know that there are millionaires who need stuff?  YES!!!! People are always taking and they like gifts too just to show you care! This is where the rest of us come in .. We need to do all we can to help ourselves and then to LIBERALLY help others as much from our OVERFLOW to help them. Living frugal has changed my life. It all started for me the day I asked God to help me make more money and I felt like he led me into the world of Extreme Couponing. I have long since left that but that first step showed me that with God's help if you are rich or poor you can solve your physical money issues just by being observant and changing things around.. No matter how much money you have.. even business owners need to swing a deal and need to learn how to be frugal in order to close it to get all the numbers to crunch! Come back often and learn how to live life to the fullest! 

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learn how to crochet!

  I absolutely love to crochet. When I was a little girl I was fortunate enough to have my sister Patty teach me this skill and I have been crocheting ever since!

 The first thing you will want to do is to practice chaining on a stitch. Then how to single crochet

 You can take this stitch and make a baby blanket or a scarf for yourself! Or purchase a book to help you get a few more ideas and to enhance your new skill.

   I have been making tiny projects lately I  just toss everything in a tote bag and wherever I am I can work on my project. It's really nice to have all those hats for my guys and myself! My husband had a lot of doctor's visits to the hospital so I never knew when I would come home but it was really comforting to have my little projects with me.     Many girls sell their projects on etsy or other sites <--- list of other sites like etsy.  It's a great way to start your own business if you love crafts. Crocheting has brought so much joy to my life and togetherness with my sisters and Mom and I as it can be a fun social craft as you share your projects with each other. The ideas are endless from gloves, slippers, blankets to toys, hats and anything you can imagine! If you have ever wanted to learn to crochet why not make it your goal to learn how to do it this year!